Meet the model: Kelsey Rose

"self love is a journey and has its ups and downs but the stronger we band together (esp. as women) to build each other up, it'll help build confidence and self esteem within us all."

California native Kelsey Rose, is making her mark on the modeling industry and taking her curves with her! The free spirited beauty shows hard work and determination always pays off. The dedication she has for her craft and her happiness can be seen in her transformation on the E network show Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

Managing her company Crafty all while pursuing her modeling career shows her drive and her "go getter" spirit. Kelsey Rose is all about self-love, body positivity and most importantly, not being a “standard.” She hopes to aspire women to learn how love their bodies she states, "seeing images of body diversity spreads a message of acceptance and love to others and I hope to inspire at least one other person to start loving their bodies, not picking themselves apart. We shouldn't feel "less than" because we don't reflect the women we used to see in the catalogs and billboards. When I'm shopping I like seeing photos without a thigh gap, photos with some belly, models with REAL bodies. ”

As a plus size model, Rose faces a variety of challenges but is determined to push through them. She states, “our industry still adheres to certain beauty standards and its tough trying to keep up with them. I don't have a flat tummy, I have cellulite, I have a smaller top lip --- but that's me and I'm 500% happy with that. I've realized that if a client doesn't like who I am then that's okay -- there will be another one that does.”

"my relationship with bikinis has been a roller coaster to say the least."

When asked what she enjoys about plus-size modeling, she states, “I love being a plus model because of the community and message it brings to the world. Seeing women with thick thighs and big hips while shopping truly makes it a more positive experience for curvy women." Rose advocates for all plus-size women to look beyond the standards because they are simply OUTDATED.

Before her appearance on Revenge Body, Rose was not always as confident as she is now, "my relationship with bikinis has been a roller coaster to say the least." She states, “When I had my accident, I was in a situation where I was unable to walk and gained 50 lbs – I truly had to accept that I had no control.” Throughout her healing process Rose admits finally giving her body the credit that it deserved for years. She advises women, like herself, “to take a step back and see how powerful our bodies are.”

The California beauty is all about keeping the summer vibes going all year long. When asked which Thick Wave swim suit is her favorite she let it be known, "I'm OBSESSED with all the suits but I've been rocking the Naomi One Piece -- it's sassy, stylish AND keeps my girls from popping out when I'm in the ocean."

Instagram @therealkelseyrose

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